Claire, France, Juin 2021, “Ferrairolles, un petit coin d’ exception en pleine nature au milieu des vignobles des Corbières. Dépaysement et connection à la nature assurés, avec une démarche eco responsable qu on adore; que se soit dans la philosophie de vie de son hôte, Rolinka, dans les choix architecturaux du domaine, la conception du jardin fondu à son paysage naturel, la décoration du domaine chinée et récupérée apportant le charme au lieu. Rolinka a su nous accueillir avec beaucoup d’attention et partager des moments d’échanges riches. Elle a su donner une belle âme à ce domaine au fil du temps. On s’y sent tellement bien. on y retournera très prochainement c’ est sur. Merci beaucoup de votre acceuil.”

Anne and Mike, Seattle, USA, October 2019, “As if relaxing in the middle of the wild serenity of pastoral Occitanie was not amazing enough, we were staying with a group of lovely people from other countries in Europe, along with another fellow American. Each person was of varying experiences and brought so much to the table and to our conversations. We were only a group of nine, but this seemed the perfect size, both for our yoga sessions (twice a day for 90 minutes by a caring and adept instructor) and our outdoor activities and freshly prepared and delicious homemade and inventive vegetarian meals. Meals and activities provided the opportunity to get to know one another well, and our group is still attempting to stay in touch sharing pictures and memories together—an added bonus of friendship makes a wonderful souvenir.

Rolinka brings you into her world as a farmer and a host in such an open and loving way. The week here was very special as each guest brought an open attitude, as well as the willingness to tread gently on the earth by following house expectations for water usage and energy. I can honestly say this brought our stay to another level. It is the type of honest and intentional type of travel everyone should consider at least once in your life, especially given the carbon footprint created with airline travel. When all the guests and the host bring these qualities to the experience—a love of the environment, interest and care of humanity and our bodies, I can only imagine what could be achieved on our planet. Bravo Rolinka, for your good intentions and hospitality. We hope to return soon.”

Anna, Owner and Chief Zen Officer, Above Yoga, Milwaukee, USA, July 2019, “I’ve run yoga retreats all over the world and I can only say that Rolinka’s home is absolutely an amazing place to hold a retreat and your guests will be completely floored when they arrive. There were so many special extras above and beyond what was promised like welcome snacks and drinks, smoothies after a hike, special desserts at dinner, etc. The house is somehow both simple and stunning. It feels like home almost immediately and Rolinka makes you feel like family. My guests raved about things like biking through the mountains with a picnic at the top, incredible wine tastings, views of mountain ranges from the yoga room, lavender growing wild all over the property and the food – oh the food! But interestingly enough, many people said they absolutely loved the first full day when we stayed at the house and had no excursions. There is something so immediately relaxing about this property, that everyone was napping after lunch. Lots of stressed out Americans fell into vacation mode instantly and loved jumping in the natural pool, roaming the properties with her amazing Pyrenees Mountain dogs and just reading in many cozy nooks around the property. This was the smallest retreat I’ve done as it works best with about 9 people, but I also think it was hands down the best. The only reason I didn’t cry more when I left was that I knew I would be back with future groups. Rolinka has created a sanctuary of eco-friendly luxury that can’t be topped.”

Milou and Kyle, Great Britain, July 2018, “Our time with Rolinka was in one word incredible! The Ferrairolles is an indescribably beautiful and serene place set among the wild Corbieres hills with views on the Pyrenees. Rolinka created a truly special and positive house. We like the many eco-friendly solutions she has implemented, this place mixes eco-friendly living with comfort and professionalism in a very unique way. We were inspired by Rolinka’s positivity, energy and enthusiasm and how she makes things happen against all odds! We felt welcome, we enjoyed her delicious cooking and left enriched and energized and trust we will remain friends.”

Jisoo, Korea, January 2018, “Whether you are interested in organic farming or off-grid life, this is a go-to place for you. Rolinka is passionate about sharing information, and I learned a great deal from her. The house is fully autonomous with all necessary facilities and is run eco-friendly. And you will be amazed at how luxurious a self-sustainable house can be!”

Cameron and Pete, Nashville, USA, October 2017: “Our stay at the Ferrairolles was a life-changing experience for my husband and me. The farm and home are exquisitely lovely and comfortable. The food is amazing, we got many ideas to making healthy meals and snacks back home now too. We felt so inspired and free and close to nature and the mysteries of the universe while at the farm. I will never forget looking at the bright stars in the sky there.”

Juliane, Leipzig, Germany, September 2017, “Beautiful people in a stunning place. Watching the impressive star scene and the milky way. Will never forget just exactly what peace feels like.”

Nicolas, Paris, France, August 2017, “I learned, worked out, meditated, laughed, played music, explored a region in France I didn’t know and met interesting and passionate people. I miss the Ferrairolles and hope to come back soon.

Henning, Münster, Germany, July 2017, “The time I spent with Rolinka and the others was an unique experience which will stick in my memory forever. Staying at the Ferrairolles gives you the possibility to dive into an everyday life which encourages inspiring thoughts with regard to work, food, as well as ways of life close to nature”

Ben, Cape Town, South Africa, April 2017, “Domaine Ferrailles is an incredible special corner of the Corbieres. I was only able to stay 1 week with Rolinka in her tranquil, self sustaining homestead, but know that I will return someday soon. A definite highlight was the delectable vegetarian spread that R lovingly prepared. At her cozy kitchen table cultures from all countries and personalities of all sorts, can commune and share freely.”

Elisabeth in Seattle, USA, March 2017, “Words can hardly describe how amazing my time the Ferrairolles was. Rolinka is the perfect host, who is very hospitable and generous. She really took the time to teach us about sustainable living, viticulture, permaculture and vegetarian cuisine.”

Trudy, The Netherlands, February 2017,  “A stay at the Ferrairolles is a special one! The location and views are suburb, your host cheerful and inspiring, the dogs great. The house is fully autonomous, which you hardly notice as it has all facilities. Just realize that the power you use comes from the solar panels and be conscious of our usage, but this should be a natural reflex wherever you are.”